Michael Parker

The MLS (Melon Light Sculptures), 2017-2019
Porcelain, Wiring, LEDs, Hardware


The Melon Light Sculptures (aka the MLS) are objects originally conceived to create intimate pockets of light for the low tables of juicers, cups, bowls and citrus in Juicework. The vertical lines that trace the interior surface of the sculptures are made by “finger-tip-raking” porcelain into plaster molds of watermelons to create very strong randomized-parabolic-ovoidal translucent forms. Each MLS is an exercise in patience, balance and transparency: the thinner the melon’s wall, the greater chance of collapse, yet the greater luminosity. The translucent lines of the MLS are my fingertips, while the darker lines are the arched parabolas between my fingertips, that together, combine to create extremely strong objects.

© Michael Parker 2019