Michael Parker

Jucerinas, 2016

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    Notable performance venues for the Juicerinas include The Getty, The Hammer Museum, Southern Exposure, The Pomona College Art Museum, and Human Resources.  In summer 2017, we have exceeded our goal of over 100 instruments for larger ensembles such as the 85 person ensemble pictured here that performed two scores at the Getty in June 2016. The first score started as a group at the front steps, then dissipated throughout the liminal spaces of the museum. The second score began with each player playing an improvisational solo in conversation with a specific artwork with one-two players in each of the Getty’s 60 plus galleries. And the score finished with a re-grouping in the central courtyard.


    PR blurb from the Palm Springs Art Museum May 2017: “With this growing collection of over 85+ instruments, artists Michael Parker and Wesley Hicks create dynamic fluid performances that can all at once be cacophonous, playful, and triumphant. The ceramic instruments built in collaboration between the artists come in sizes from smaller then a lime to larger than a watermelon. These instruments produce a fluid and amorphous sound much like the chirps of birds and the calls of whales. The intuitive-to-play instruments are used by volunteer performers. The performers harness these sounds as a collective voice, one that can be spread over vast spaces, filling them with sound. The performers act as radical cartographers, navigating and claiming the Palm Springs Art Museum as their own temporary autonomous zone.”


    Learn more about it through an article on Sarah Cooper's website: sarahannecooper.com/june10ff

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      first improvisational Juicerina performance at Human Resources in the exhibition Juicework with Wesley Hicks, Luke Fischbeck, Erin Schneider and Wesley Hicks.

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