-->Publications, 11/4-11/7 PS1
-->Barefoot Walk, 12/5/10 @ 2p EPMoA
-->How To Survive 4/30 @ HDTS
-->Screening 5/4 @ Public Fiction
-->Freewaves LA Buses 10/11/11
-->DJs and HerbJs @ Tuesday Steams

Steam Egg

Brother Arnold Watches

Balloon Route

Born Again

I Am A Citizen




Power Class

Sound Camp


Cold Storage


Michael Parker / Links / CV
MFA, Roski School of Fine Art, University of Southern California, 2009
EMT, UCLA School of Pre-Hospital Care, Emergency Medical Technician, 2001
BA, Pomona College, 2000

CCI ARC Grant, 2014 (Durfee)
Printed Matter Awards for Artists, New York, New York 2010
McComber-Neely Travel Prize, University of Southern California, 2009 – 2010
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Southern California 2009
Flintridge, Senior Thesis Prize, & Matthew Klopfleish Award, Pomona College 2000

Lecturer, Sculpture, California State University Long Beach, 2011-2014
Lecturer, New Genres, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, 2012
Visiting Artist, Senior/Junior Seminar, Pomona College, September 2011
TA, Roski School of Fine Art, University of Southern California, 2007-2009
Guest Teaching, CalArts, UCLA, PCC, Otis, USC, Pomona College, Art Center

<needs updating>
Geography Lessons, Art Practical, Elyse Mallouk, 2011
Steam Egg, Public Fiction, The Church Issue, 2011
How To Survive, A-Z West, Andrea Zittel, 2011
How To Survive, Art Practical, Elyse Mallouk, 2011
Saturday Book Review "Lineman", Daylight Magazine, Curtis Hamilton, 2011
Episode 295: Lisa Anne Auerbach and Michael Parker, Bad At Sports Podcast, 2011
Arthood, GF Wahlquist, 2010
Lineman, Half Letter Press, 2010
All Power to the Linemen, USC News, Allison Engel, 2009
Bottom Entry Sauna, Provisional Patent, USPTO, 2011
How to Build a California Dreamin Solar Oven, zine, 2011
Balloon Route, artist book, 2010
The Power Class, text, Issue 7, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, 2010
May 5, The Open Daybook, MBP, 2010
Lineman, newsprint and poster publication, 2009
The Potential of Art in a Micro Society, MFA Thesis, 2009
I Am A Citizen, poster and text, 2009-
Tract House, two contributions, a project by Lisa Anne Auerbach, 2008 & 2009
Sound Camp, weekender zine and manual, 2007

Pomona College Museum of Art, Invitational, 2015 (upcoming)
Juice, Human Resources, 2015 (upcoming)
Steam Egg II: The Rover & Cold Plunge, 2014-2015
Another Cats Show, 356 Mission, 2014
The Unfinished (with skits and face paint), Stupid Pills, Hyperion Tavern, 2014
The Unfinished, CA State Parks & Clockshop, 2014
Wholesale, Center for Land Use Interpretation, 2013
The Privilege Show, Control Room,2013
Steam Egg Studio, 2011-2012
Relay, Out the Window, LA Freewaves, 2011
How To Survive, High Desert Test Sites, 2011
Intentional and Accidental, USC Roski Gallery, 2010
Lineman: Poleyard Release, Los Angeles Trade Technical College, 2009
May Day: Control the Power – Follow the Energy, USC Roski Gallery, 2009
Another LA is Possible Part One, Otis College, curator Robby Herbst, 2009
MFA Catalogue Show, group show, USC Roski Gallery, 2009
Public Release!!* a Vons’ Supermarket parking lot action in Echo Park with JOAAP, 2008
Sound Camp, High Desert Test Sites parcel above Pioneertown, CA, 2007 – Present
RoutesAndMethods, a non-sited venue for amorphous projects, 2006 – Present
Cold Storage, construction site on Alameda Industrial Corridor, 2006 – 2007