-->Publications, 11/4-11/7 PS1
-->Barefoot Walk, 12/5/10 @ 2p EPMoA
-->How To Survive 4/30 @ HDTS
-->Screening 5/4 @ Public Fiction
-->Freewaves LA Buses 10/11/11
-->DJs and HerbJs @ Tuesday Steams

Steam Egg

Brother Arnold Watches

Balloon Route

Born Again

I Am A Citizen




Power Class

Sound Camp


Cold Storage


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RoutesAndMethods began as a web project that quickly enveloped an interest in public exchange, public amatuerism, experimental sound, performance, tracts, garden labs, valentine's workshops, farmer's marketing, dinners and lunches. It was started with my old ambulance partner, Jimmy Linares, and we decided it was a good name for a "venue" for the communication and exchange of ideas.
Public Release!!*

A collaboration of scores, stamps, and actions with the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest to celebrate the publication of ‘An Atlas of Radical Cartography’ in a public/private space; a Vons’ supermarket parking lot and Taco Zone, 2008.